MDR for Microsoft 365

Safeguard your Microsoft 365 identities with Our’ 24/7 protection against account takeover.

Stop Account Compromise

Defend your Microsoft 365 identities from account takeover attacks, like business email compromise (BEC). With Huntress Managed Detection and Response (MDR) for Microsoft 365, our threat experts monitor and respond in real time to critical security threats like suspicious login activity, email tampering and forwarding, and privilege escalation attempts to stop account takeover at the source.

MDR for Microsoft 365

Safeguard your Microsoft 365 cloud environments from BEC with Huntress Managed Detection and Response (MDR) for Microsoft 365. With MDR for Microsoft 365, our experienced threat analysts monitor and respond in real-time to critical security threats like:

  • Unauthorized access to proprietary communications
  • Data loss via unapproved external email forwarding
  • Email tampering to commit financial fraud

Protection Where You Need It Most

There’s no telling when your Microsoft 365 identities will be targeted by attackers – or what damage they’ll do to your business. But you can be ready for when they strike.

How It Works

Help users trust who’s in their inboxes. Secure Microsoft 365 identities and email environments on a fully managed, multi-layer platform.


Our Microsoft 365 integration continuously captures user actions, including policy changes, login events, mail flow manipulation, and more.


Our Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts and detection engineers utilize detection logic to quickly review collected data and identify suspicious behaviors.


Our analysts sift through your collected data to confirm if activities are malicious, eliminating noise and false positives that other tools clog your ticketing queue with.


We send you an incident report that summarizes our findings and outlines any next steps you should take. These can be sent via email or directly to your ticketing system.


A single click is usually all it takes to execute our recommended remediation steps. Any needed manual steps will be detailed so even a junior tech can resolve an incident on their own.

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