Huntress Security Awareness Training

Empower your employees to identify and report cyber threats with engaging, story-driven lessons that are fully managed by Huntress. Admins love it. Learners love it. Hackers hate it.

Don’t Become a Cyber Attack Statistic

Old-school security awareness training programs don’t cut it anymore. Maintaining them takes a ton of work, and they don’t actually make you more secure.

Huntress Security Awareness Training is different. Deployment takes just minutes and can be fully managed by our security experts – from lesson curation to managed phishing simulations. You can also manage it internally with little effort. Our series of memorable, story-based episodes from award-winning animators keep learners engaged and ensure lessons are retained.

Security Awareness Training Key Features

Managed Learning & Managed Phishing

Huntress’ security experts design and manage new episodes and phishing simulations that reflect real-world threats.

Detailed Reporting

Automatically receive monthly summary reports with stats and actionable insights on your learners' progress.

Custom Content

Bring value as a trusted advisor to your customer base with custom, interactive content like video, text, links, and quizzes.

Simplified Billing

Our intuitive billing model makes it easy to track subscriptions so you only pay for what you use – no hidden costs or complicated invoices.

Easy Onboarding

Deploy in a matter of minutes, and take advantage of multi-tenant support and automated directory syncing

Training Overview


Empower Your Users

Ready your teams with memorable, engaging, and story-based content. Huntress security experts design lessons using the real-world threats we see every day in our SOC, so you can identify attacks and keep your organization safe. Our training works for businesses of any size and for users of any technical expertise.

Managed Phishing

Simulated Phishing Scenarios

Huntress Security Awareness Training (SAT) is backed by the same experts who manage security for 100k+ organizations. When you opt in to Managed Phishing, you can enjoy a hands-off experience where our security experts design, curate, and schedule phishing simulations for your learners on an ongoing basis.

Custom Content

Create Online Training Content

Huntress Security Awareness Training’s (SAT) content authoring software gives you the tools to quickly build and customize online training content. With Huntress SAT, building out your content library with custom training is easy.

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