Our Security Operations Center

Move beyond AI and automation with a team of 24/7 human experts - your secret weapon in the fight against today’s hackers.
24/7 Security Operations Center

Human-Powered Threat Hunting

Most cybersecurity tools rely on automation to stop malicious threats – but hackers are outsmarting software. It’s time to put the power of human threat analysts to work for you. The Huntress Security Operations Center (SOC) fills a critical gap in your security stack, providing a team of always-on expert security professionals. They look into potential threats, analyze hacker tradecraft, create incident reports and help remediate cyber threats.

Our Intelligence Isn't Artificial

Modern attackers are smart, and have entire teams working to identify ways to sneak past your security tools – so how can you expect to defend against that with automation alone?

Around-the-clock coverage and human expertise that software-only solutions can’t match is how.

Our SOC in Action

The Huntress agent looks for threat actors who abuse legitimate applications, bypass other security tools, or are in the process of deploying payloads like malware and ransomware.

We move beyond automated detection with contextually aware, human-verified analysis. Our SOC analysts review endpoint and agent surveys to catch even the sneakiest threats.

After investigating, we send you a custom incident report to share our findings and outline next steps. This can be delivered to you via email or your ticketing system.

You can execute the automated remediation steps we recommend in a single click. Plus, we’ll provide detailed recommendations for any other work that should be completed.

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